Meet your Mechanic

The Proprietor of All Strokes has over 30 years of experience. Working in the mechanical industry. After successfully completing his A-Grade trade certificate.

He worked for the Ipswich City council as a Diesel mechanic working primarily on Truck and heavy earth moving equipment for several years. Becoming a certified diesel mechanic during this time.

Starting a mechanical workshop in his hometown of Rosewood Queensland. Rosewood mower service Specialized in Powered garden and agricultural equipment. Everything from Chainsaws and Ride-on lawnmowers to tractors.

Despite enduring some of the harshest drought conditions seen in modern times. Rosewood mower service continued to operate. Even thriving during this harsh time.

After selling the mower shop in 1994. Seeking a steadier income for his growing family. He later became the Maintenance manager on Keppel Island. Learning valuable marine mechanical knowledge. After 5 years in this role.  He was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Working overseas on a privately owned luxury motor yacht.

This Lead to the biggest adventure yet. Serving as chief engineer for a renowned private charter company. Working on vessels up to 80 meters in length for over 16 years. Obtaining his Marine Engineering Diploma class 3 during this time.

For the last four years, the owner of All Strokes has been working as a Mechanical Fitter in Ipswich. However, living on the sunshine coast and commuting frequently to Ipswich. does not count for much of a lifestyle.

Having done “All that and more” All Strokes was started with the desire to go back to the basics. Delivering great service locally.